Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Reflection - Knowing

Image by Pippalunacy
"We do know things--
we know them with every fiber in our being--
they're revealed to us,
they seize us and won't let us go.
They haunt us,
they capture us,
they plant themselves deep in our hearts and 
they don't leave

So when we talk about God,
we're talking about our brushes with spirit,
our awareness of the reverence humming within us,
our sense of the nearness
and the farness,
that which we know 
and that which is unknown,
that which we can talk about 
and that which eludes the grasp of our words,
that which is crystal clear
and that which is more mysterious than ever.

And sometimes language helps,
and sometimes language fails."

-quote from Rob Bell in his Book "What We Talk About When We Talk About God

This quote is from Rob Bell in one of his newer books.  In the past year or two I've been exploring books and authors that I might have passed by at other times in my life.  My thoughts on God have been evolving and authors like Bell have helped me to grasp with words the thoughts already in my mind. Agree or don't agree with Bell's seemingly radical ideas, he's thought-provoking nonetheless.

What We Talk About When We Talk About God
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  1. Sometimes it's better to process a quite without the author named. We tend to be more prone to accept or reject something based on our existing ideas about a person - somewhat unfortunately.

  2. I resonate with much of the quote - particularly the first part. It speaks to me of the convictions if things that we can't 'prove' but know as deeply as anything. This could be the realm of the Holy Spirit in us.

  3. You're right, Dan, but legally, I think I must name the author to be legit. Also the book and talk are too good not to share…though my very good friends who are conservative may strongly disagree.

    1. Yes, you are right to name the author of course. Although it would be a fun game to share something and then get feedback before telling the authorship. Might make some people upset. :-)

      Personally I've found Rob Bell to be a mixed bag - like most authors I suppose. There are a couple of his books that I liked and a couple that I liked parts of but not the sum total so much.

    2. Fortunately for me, I have a view that allows me to take what seems good and true from anywhere I find it. :-)