Sunday, October 9, 2016

Finding Joy in What You Do

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Recently, I watched a YouTube video from someone and it hit me just right.  Also, I've been reading Everything Belongs, by Richard Rohr.  I highly recommend it.  It's very challenging to my ego, and it's put me in a good head space to be receptive to some teaching moments that I might have missed previously.  My spiritual journey has been a bit crazy in the last few years, but it's not been bad, I think.

So anyway, I watched this video by a woman I came across on YouTube while searching for frugal grocery shopping ideas.  Incidentally, she feeds her family for $100 a month and I'm not sure how she does it!  It's really neat to see.  But I digress.  She did a video in her Worthy Wednesday series on how the little things you do are what makes your life.  There is joy to be found in those things.  And that's enough.  Your life is enough.  You're enough.  She says, "Your life is what it should be because it's your life".  It's so funny because I had just been talking to myself that morning (no I'm not nuts!) and moving through some of these same ideas.  Then it's like she solidified what I was saying.  I'm not sure if it was providence or coincidence but it doesn't matter....because it happened.  And it touched me.

We are all at different places in our faith walk.  Each of us has ideas that will conflict with the ideas of others.  Heck I have ideas that conflict with my other ideas.  But, I am at the point where I have learned to let go of the struggle and lean in to the love of God all the while embracing the mystery that comes with it all.  I have so few answers but I have much peace.  I have almost no certainty, but my faith tells me that's ok.

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