Thursday, August 20, 2015

Coffee and Blue Jeans - Thick and Comfy Crochet Blanket

This blanket is one of my favorites.  I finished it and just had to bring it outside to take pictures.  After reading some photo tips on another blog, I realized how to use some features on my camera that helped with better photo quality.  I think these pictures turned out better than some of my others.  I'm still an amateur, but progress is progress!

This is a very quick and easy blanket.  Also, the materials are more budget friendly than other similarly thick blankets made with more expensive thick yarn.  The trick to this is to take two strands of worsted weight yarn and crochet with them as if they are one strand.  I used Red Heart Super Saver coffee, denim, soft white and cafe latte.  

The stitch used is a double crochet, so it's quite simple.  You can make any size or color you like, but a pattern for this blanket can be found below.

Coffee and Blue Jeans - Thick and Comfy Crochet Blanket

1 jumbo skein Red Heart coffee 
1 jumbo skein Red Heart cafe late
1 jumbo skein Red Heart soft white
2 skeins Red Heart denim

Hook size: L


Chain 88 in coffee.

Double crochet into the third chain from hook.

Continue to end of row and turn.  Chain two.  Double crochet in first double crochet from previous row and continue to end of row.  Repeat until you have four rows of coffee.

Continue with four double crochet rows of cafe latte, followed by four double crochet rows of soft white, completing the pattern with two double crochet rows of denim.

Repeat pattern five times and end with four rows of coffee.

The finished blanket measures approximately 42 inches X 60 inches.


  1. I love the color combo... it does look comfy. Makes me long for a crisp fall day and a cup of coffee :)

  2. I love that blanket! I think it's quite beautiful, Jill! You did such a wonderful job on it! Did you make that for Evan?

  3. Thanks, Linda! It's not for Evan, no. I made him one with black white and gray stripes. It's for someone else…a secret…