Here's a list of websites I find useful

Budget 101
This is a site I go to for copycat recipes and replacements for convenience foods.  It has some great ideas and has inspired me to try new things.  I particularly like the recipes for mixes.  Check it out!

Pick Your Own
This site has detailed instructions on how to make and can your own jams and jellies.  It also has a pick-your-own finder so you can see what fruits and vegetables are available to pick near you.  It's a great resource.


One Good Thing by Jillee
This site is great for do-it-yourself projects like making your own laundry soap.  Jillee has a ton of cool ideas


All Free Crochet
This site has links for hundreds of crochet projects.  It's really a treasure trove of ideas.


Ultimate Blog Challenge
This runs a few times a year and is a great way to set goals and increase traffic.  The challenge is to post every day in the month of the challenge and interact with other bloggers while doing so.

This is an amazing place to get free pictures to use for your posts.  So few rules and so many pictures!

I like this site when I'm getting my coupon on!  I go in and out of the groove on couponing, but when I need a place to match deals, this is a great place to go for my region.  There are other larger and more popular sites, but the deals usually are irrelevant for my area.


Turtle Diary
Games and learning

Sheppard Software
Games and learning



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