Saturday, April 4, 2020

Cooking and Crafting During COVID 19

I didn't plan on writing here again.  I haven't written in over a year and I thought it was time to shut down.  But unprecedented times are upon us and we all have a little more free time.  I found myself not wanting to start from scratch on a brand new platform, and yet I wanted an outlet and way to keep track of what I was doing during this very strange time. I wanted to add to what I've already done because it's fun.  

Honestly, I thought about switching all of my content over to Wordpress and even began the process.  I thought of doing this years ago because it would more easily allow me to turn a profit while blogging.  But I re-evaluated and remembered the purpose of this blog is not to make money (though that would be awesome!) but to keep a log of the things I make and do and share them with you.  I can do that perfectly well on the blogger platform.  

I love looking back at what I've made and some of the projects I've done with my kids.  I am a record-keeper by nature and being able to see the things I've created in the past really makes my heart happy.  It's almost like a way of leaving my mark in the world, however small.

So I'm starting back up again as I've done before.  The next post will be on the string eggs we've made for Easter.  This Easter will be void of large group celebrations and church gatherings.  The cantata our choir has practiced will go unsung and Maundy Thursday and Good Friday communion will go uncelebrated.  Schools will be empty again this week and we will stay at home.  Stores will be filled with masked and gloved people and shelves of toilet paper will be unfilled.  It is a weird time.

I've been trying add cooking and crafts to the (very loose) daily schedule.  I've also been giving the kids freedom to do things on their own.  But don't get me wrong, these times are trying and our patience grows thin more than I'd like.  So happy faces and pretty crafts may not reflect full reality!!  LOL!  

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