Monday, October 30, 2017

Any Feedback?

Now that the Ultimate Blog Challenge is drawing to a close and I won't be sharing a new post quite as often, I am asking you for feedback.  I know there is still one more day to go, but I don't want to forget this important post.  It's been great interacting with you all and many of you have left me comments and questions.  I even wrote a whole post answering some of them.  Thanks for the inspiration!

Looking at the traffic on specific posts, I can guess what people want to see.  But today I am asking what you like most and what you like least. I am asking what you think I could improve and what you think works.

Is my site easy to navigate? On a computer? Tablet? Phone?

Are there any simple changes just staring you in the face?  Have you thought, "why doesn't she just...?"

Be honest.  I'm not asking for a bashing, but in high school I learned an important lesson while working with a friend in an independent study class.  Constructive criticism, while it can sting a little, really helps us to move beyond where we are.  It's one of the most important lessons I took away from school.  I feel like the Ultimate Blog Challenge has really helped me improve.  But your feedback will help even more.

What do you think?  Let me know in the comment section below and THANK YOU so much for contributing.  Blogging is so much more fun with an audience!


  1. I haven't tried it on a mobile device, but the navigation is good on my desktop. For me, I think the font is just a little small - I would like to see it slightly larger.


  2. Your site is easy to navigate on a phone but a little tweak comes to mind. My podgy fingers find it hard to pick out individual lines on, for instance your crochet list. Could there be a double space between each one? Great blog with lots of interest for crafter's like me :-)

  3. I can't really think of any changes you should make. I've enjoyed your posts. Glad you were along for this challenge. :)

  4. The site works fine on my iPhone SE (the smallest model) I would actually echo the other comment about the size of the font, and I'm not sure why that would be. Respect for inviting constructive criticism - that takes courage! Personally, I would like to see more crocheting, but will understand if it doesn't draw the traffic.

  5. I have liked your posts. And your individuality. And it has been great reading what others write. No matter how diverse. Because we all have a voice. And impact on others. 🤗

  6. Well you asked for it! The only thing I can think of is you have a terrific blog and I love the different categories and the topics you write about. I haven't checked it on mobile but on my laptop everything is looking super!

  7. i have enjoyed reading your posts (dessert recipes and your tips are really informative). and look forward to more.. i normally use the laptop and so not sure how it appears on mobile..