Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Cute Handbag for Little Girls

Just the other day, I had finished my seventh blanket of the year and I was ready for something simple and quick.  The idea for a little girls handbag popped into my head and in about five or six hours the project was complete.  This cute little pocketbook is very simple to make and is a great gift for any little girl in your life.  It uses a simple double crochet stitch for the body of the bag and a single crochet for the handle and button closure.  I also made a simple flower and leaf to attach for some flair.

Little Handbag

scraps of yarn
I used Red Heart Pretty n' Pink, Spring Green and White
1 button

Hook size: J


For the body of the bag:

Chain 30.

Double crochet into the second stitch and continue to the end of the row, turning your work.  After you turn your work, double crochet into the back of each of the chains and join the row with a slip stitch.

Chain two and continue double crocheting another round, joining with a slip stitch.  Repeat until bag reaches desired height.  My bag is about 8 inches.

For the button clasp

Find the middle of the bag and join a new piece of yarn.  Single crochet ten across.  Continue for 8 rows.

Single crochet 4.  Chain 2. Single crochet 4.  This will make your button hole.

Single crochet across row, with 2 single crochets in the chain 2 space.

Skip the first stitch and the last stitch, single crocheting 8 across.

Sew an appropriately-sized button where the hole meets the bag.

For the strap:

Keeping the bag flat, find where you would like to join the strap on the side.  Single crochet 7.  Continue until strap is about 30 inches long.  Join to opposite side using single crochet for a sturdy join.

For the flower:

Check out this YouTube video. Once you have made a flower, simply sew it on with yarn.

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