Sunday, June 5, 2016

Buy It, Make It, Maybe

Sometimes you might wonder if it's worth it to make everything from scratch.  You can find recipes online for basically anything in your house, but in the end is it worth it?  Here are some things I think are worth buying, and others worth making.  The last section is a list of things that you'll have to make the call on!

Buy It

  • toothpaste - I've tried homemade and for me nothing beats basic Crest Cavity Protection.
  • mouthwash  - I've also tried homemade for this, but for me store bought is the way to go.
  • dish soap - The homemade ones tend to leave a filmy residue.

Make It

  • deodorant
  • all purpose cleaner - Just mix 1 part vinegar 1 part water with a couple drops of dish detergent and put in a spray bottle.
  • frosting - The best buttercream for decorating.  Coming soon, my favorite frosting ever!
  • lotion bars - Try these.
  • bread crumbs - If you have some stale bread lying around it's worth it not to waste!
  • spice mixes such as italian seasoning, taco seasoning, seasoned salt Budget is a great place to find any homemade mix you might be looking for
  • ketchup - Try this delicious recipe that tastes just like store-bought.
  • cookies - Try these. 
  • pancakes - Skip the mix and make a batch of these.
  • pancake syrup - If you don't splurge for the real thing, try this.  It's delicious and a budget saver!


  • cake mix - Many found here.
  • brownies - I love Ina's recipe, but it's time consuming and compared to a box mix, quite expensive.
  • disinfectant - This can be made with 1 cup water and 10 drops tea tree oil (or 1 tsp tea tree oil if you're trying to remove mold).  Hydrogen peroxide and 70% alcohol are also great.
  • laundry soap - The recipe I use is found here.
  • cream of anything soup - Try this one.

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  1. Wow - you are like the consumer buying guide! takes the guessing and trying out for us! THANKS

  2. Thanks, Jan! Glad to be a help!