Thursday, July 7, 2016

Multicolor Crochet Scrap Blanket

My friend, Amy, gave me a trash bag full of yarn not too long ago. Getting yarn is always a small celebration!  Some of the yarn in the bag was started into projects but I knew it would be perfect for a project of my own.  I took some time and untangled and sorted and organized.  After looking at it, I thought it would work nicely into a scrap afghan.  I sometimes don't like calling it scrap because it sounds like it's just leftovers, but in reality, it's like a little piece of everything.  It's not leftovers, it's creativity inspiration.

Either way, I took a lot of the yarn she gave me and combined it with some yarn I already had.  This blanket is the result!   It's eclectic and fun and I hope someone loves receiving it as a gift!

Instructions on how to make a double crochet scrap blanket here!

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