Thursday, March 2, 2017

Blue, Brown and White Giant Granny Square

I've been gone for over a month!  But I haven't been sitting idly by.  Here is a blanket I finished up in January that I just hadn't gotten around to sharing with you.  It's a giant granny square much like this one.  I started it without a grand plan, just some yarn that I already had around from other projects.  I hope you like it!

Giant granny squares are so versatile.  Plus they're quick and easy.  They also lend themselves nicely to using up leftover yarn because the pattern possibilities are endless.

I'm on a bit of a crochet hiatus at the moment.  It's been busy around here!  I've been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.  And after that, well, just getting rid of stuff!  Just before things got busy, I started making a blanket comprised of small granny squares.  I plan to post that in the coming months.

I have probably thirty granny squares worked up but I have yet to join them.  I was going to use a continuous join, but I think I'm opting for the single crochet join.  Do you have a favorite join for the classic granny square afghan?

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Anyway, here's the pattern from my giant granny square blanket.

Classic Giant Granny Square Afghan


3 jumbo-sized skeins of yarn (you will have some extra but not too much)
size I hook
needle to weave ends

Shell -three double crochets together in one space

1.  Begin by chaining four.  Put your hook in the furthest chain from the hook and slip stitch.  Pull to make a circle.

2.  Chain 2.  Double crochet two into the space.  Chain two.  Double crochet 3, chain two.  Repeat this two more times.  Once you have four groups of three double crochet chain two, slip stitch to connect.  Slip stitch to the corner.  

3.  Chain 2.  Double crochet two, chain one, then double crochet three.  Chain two and make two shells in each corner followed by chain two.  Slip stitch to join and slip stitch to corner.

4.  Continue pattern with two shells in each corner separated by chain one, and one shell in each chain two space, separated by chain two.

This is a throw-sized blanket measuring approximately 53" X 53"

Here's a great YouTube tutorial if you would like to see a visual.  Videos like this one are how I taught myself to crochet a few short years ago.  Her pattern is a tiny bit different, but really, you could follow her and end up with a blanket basically the same as mine.

Thanks for stopping by!

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