Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Health and Beauty Roundup

Here's a post highlighting my health and beauty favorites.  Scroll down to see what you can make or use today!


Make Your Own Deodorant
I've been turning to this DIY deodorant for about ten years now.  Think of that.  I've been saving my armpits from aluminum all that time!  It's the only deodorant I've used that doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.  Bonus: it works!

This mask is great for moisture and detoxification, especially at this time of year.  Super simple and easy to prepare, this mask won't let you down.

Click above for an easy DIY project that you can put together in minutes.  This easily customizable project is great for everyday use or unique gifting.  Give it a try!

Click the link above to see my favorite beauty product. This one is not a DIY, but I love it nonetheless.  It's a staple I turn to every day!

This post does not focus specifically on health and beauty, but I'd be remiss to exclude it.  Look at numbers 8 and 9 for ideas on how to treat athlete's foot and sunburn.  This is good stuff!

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