Thursday, October 1, 2015

Boyish Stripes - Double Crochet Blanket

This blanket is another of the ones I like to make because of how it looks and how quick it is to make.  It's a double crochet stitch using two strands of yarn as one.  It has a coffee brown border on each of the sides.  

It turned out very nice, I think.  Typically I don't border a blanket like this, but it seemed this one needed it.  When I finished it, I was glad I added the border.

Boyish Stripes - Double Crochet Blanket

1 jumbo skein Red Heart cafe late
1 jumbo skein Red Heart coffee
1 jumbo skein Red Heart soft white
2 skeins Red Heart teal

Hook Size:


Chain 88 in teal.

Double crochet into the third chain from hook.

Continue to end of row and turn.  Chain two.  Double crochet in first double crochet from previous row and continue to end of row.  Repeat until you have two rows of teal.

After two rows of teal, repeat pattern as follows: 1 row soft white, 1 row brown 4 rows cafe late, 1 row brown,  1 row soft white, 2 rows teal, 1 row white, 1 row dark brown, etc.  Repeat to desired length.

Outline blanket with single crochet on ends, followed by single crochet then double crochet on outer long edge.

This is such a versatile pattern and  you can really do anything you like.  I love stripes!  Here's a link to another striped crochet blanket I made.  The link includes the pattern.  Also, if you are looking for another easy double crochet pattern that uses less yarn, check out my Double Crochet Scrap Blanket.

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