Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Easy Fall Wreath

I was in a creative mood last Saturday so I dug through my craft room for some inspiration.  I found some grapevine wreaths and fall flowers in a two separate drawers.  The wheels began to turn and this wreath is the result.

This post is more inspirational than instructional.  My simple wreath was made from wiring together two thin grapevine wreaths from Dollar Tree.  Then silk flowers and faux berries were added with the help of wire and hot glue.

As you can see, this wreath is quite thin.  This is why I wired two together in order to achieve a substantial base for my flowers.

Easy Fall Wreath 


Two thin grapevine wreaths - mine were from Dollar Tree
Fall flowers and berries
Hot glue and glue gun
Craft Wire
Wire cutters

To make the wreath, first place one thin grapevine wreath on top of another.  Then wrap wire around them both, pulling it tight and continuing in a circle until both wreaths are secured.  Don't cut the wire as you will use this to help attach the flowers.

Once the two wreaths are bound together, insert fall flowers into the spaces of the grapevine wreath, winding wire around the stems of the the flowers and berries as you go.  Be sure to trim long stems before you insert them to insure a beautiful, full wreath.  If you want a flower to lay a specific way, hot glue it in place.

Flower wreaths really are free-form art.  There is no right or wrong, it just depends how you like it!

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