Sunday, July 23, 2017

What We Ate For Supper This Week

Sunday - Tacos and leftovers

Monday - Hot Dogs, baked beans, quinoa tabouleh salad

Tuesday - Takeout pizza and salad - just got home from our trip - 8+ hours of driving and you better believe I wasn't cooking!

Wednesday - Frozen chicken patties, mixed vegetables, baked beans

Thursday - Food from the Clam Box after a day at the beach!  Fried clams for my daughter and me.  Hot dog for my son and hamburger for my husband.

Friday - Honey Mustard Chicken, baked beans, green beans

Saturday - Cookout at friends' house!  BBQ chicken, burgers, hot dogs, Cauliflower Medley (LINK coming soon!), Peach Cobbler (LINK coming soon!), Red Pepper Dip (LINK coming soon!), pasta salad and cookies

Cauliflower Medley
Honey Mustard Chicken

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